Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Be Safe: Security tips while moving

You’ve hired a furniture removalist (hopefully us) and you’ve packed all your essentials into good quality removal boxes. You feel safe and that you have nothing left to worry about but statistically speaking, it is when you feel that nothing is a miss that crime often happens. We know that you probably have a million other things to worry about aside from security but taking the time to follow some of our tips may help your family avoid being a victim.
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Tip #1
Darkness is also your best friend:
It has been said that darkness is a thief’s best mate but it can also be yours. If you’ve packed all of your belongings or hired prepackers to help you out then chances are most of your items are already in boxes. If for example someone were to look inside your windows and decided to steal one of your boxes then you most likely be part of a long list of victims of opportunistic theft. It would be a good idea then to keep your blinds and curtains up until the last possible moment so that people cannot see into your house.
Tip #2
Silence is Golden:
We know how tempting it must be to broadcast to the whole world that you’re moving but criminal groups have been known to take advantage of social media to plan household break-ins. Sure, it may seem like a harmless tweet or a Facebook post right now but what you’re doing is painting a huge target on your house that says “Rob me”. 

This image from httpwww.underwatertimes.comnewswire_more.phppage=47&type=americas

Tip# 3
Lock down:
Locking up may seem like the easiest thing in the world but most of us still forget to close our doors. On the day of your move or while your packing up, it would be easy to get flustered and to forget to lock your windows or doors. This once again exposes you to opportunistic theft and it could have been easily remedied by closing your doors. Click.
Hopefully these quick and easy safety tips can help your family have a quiet and uneventful move. On a related note, if you haven’t hired a local mover to help you then use MiniMovers which is Australia’s number one short distance removals service. If you need local removalists in Perth, Gold Coast, Brisbane or almost anywhere in the country then give us a call.

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